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Who we are

Taresoft is a leading techonlogy solutions provider in ICT consultancy. At Taresoft, we serve everyone from individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, to large enterprises and government institution customers. We have an extensive portfolio of market-leading solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each consumer segment. We have been operational since 2012 and are growing at a faster rate.

What we do

We offer user friendly and cost effective customised solutions and products that are consumer centric. Our major cause is to bring important solutions closer to the people.


Our Services

System Development

One of our major specialities is development of sysems that have helped in automating and easening operation in businesses and operations.

App Development

We have kept up with the quickly growing technology trend "MOBILE APPS".We have a team of experienced app developers ready to serve you .

Website design

We have engaged our selves in developmet of websites to help companies in marketing and information provison to the public.


A good website is of no use if people cannot see it. We use effective techniques that can help you attract the right traffic on your website..

IT Sytems Auditing

We offer IT system auditing services to ensure that applications are secure enough to be used.

Domain registration and hosting

We give good secure packages for hosting your files and manage your domain..

Bulk SMS

Our rates for bulk sms are cheap and attracive. Our sms system panels are also easy to use.

Computer Networking

Our networking team does a great organised job that is easy to manage.

Meet our Team


Abraham Taremwa

Lead Developer


Natalie Basemera



Charles Muhindo



Henry Nyeko

Business Development


Ronald Emojong

Administration and Finance


Alex Shanga

Business Development

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Plot 47, Third Floor - Suite 08A, Mabirizi Complex, Kampala, Uganda


+256 393 243631

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